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Very Important Information For Heel Pain Sufferers

We at FFLC recognize that sometime ESWT can be cost prohibitive. For this reason, we have acquired 6 Medispec Radialspec machines. These are class 1 devices that deliver radial shockwaves. We have been successfully treating many foot and ankle problems with these at all of our locations. While we can’t give prices for ESWT services on this website, we can say that very few patients have had any difficulty with the cost of this treatment. And so far, the treatments have shown very high success rates.

The simple fact is that no other doctor in the country has invested more of his time and money into researching and exploring ESWT as a non-surgical treatment of orthopedic conditions of the lower extremity than Dr. Horwitz. This ongoing research with multiple ESWT machines will no doubt be beneficial to our patients as we move into the next decade.