We are now seeing out of state patients at both offices.
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Urgent Foot Care in St. Louis and Chesterfield

There is no need to go to a local ER Department or Urgent Care center only to be referred out to a specialist for follow up. We can save you time AND money. Contact us directly and avoid unnecessary wait time and pathogen exposure in the Emergency Centers.

Our Podiatrists are trained to evaluate and treat all ailments involving the foot and ankle both medically and surgically. This means that we can diagnose your condition and treat it immediately; whether it is a sprain, a fracture (break in the bone), or traumatic injury- we can examine you, treat you and get you back on your feet as soon as possible!

Splinters, burns, foreign bodies, ingrown toenails, foot infections, gout, crush injuries, blisters, bursitis, fractures, sprains and strains can be addressed in our state of the art office locations which include digital X-ray equipment and ultrasound technology. Casting, splinting, bracing, fracture reduction, suturing, wound evaluation and closure can be performed in both office locations.