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Second extracorporeal shockwave machine just purchased

We are pleased to announce that we now have the new Dolorclast ESWT radial wave machine. This is a class 3 devise that we are using at all locations. It was acquired as a portable unit that can be utilized on many orthopedic problems.
The Feet For Life and Mid County Surgery Centers have recently acquired a second extracorporeal shockwave machine. The acquisition of the new Medispec machine makes Feet For Life the only podiatry practice in the entire country to have around-the-clock access to multiple shockwave machines. pic_eswt_dolorcastDr. Horwitz decision to purchase the second machine confirms his dedication to exploring extracorporeal shockwave’s efficacy. The primary difference between the newly acquired Israeli made Medispec, and the German made Dornier Epos Ultra, is in the overall surface area treated.The new machine is showing great promise for the treatment of Achilles tendinitis, as well as myositis, shin splints, calcaneal stress fractures, and of course plantar fasciitis. Both machines are being used extensively in continuous efforts to research shockwave.