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Who can you trust to provide the most effective treatment for your fungal nail condition?

Dr. Michael Horwitz is a Board Certified Foot Surgeon with more 5 star reviews than just about any foot doctor in the country. Being a cosmetic foot surgeon for 30 years, he noticed early on that many of his gorgeous post op pictures were incomplete due to nail fungus. So he created CleanSpa and developed curative techniques for nail fungus that may soon require international patents. (Intellectual property protections). While we can’t give away all of our secrets, we invite you to test our commitment to excellence. Check out Dr. Horwitz YouTube video below. And when you are ready for a true, ethical, Value Based Treatment program that is geared towards fast results with long term benefits, then come see us. Or call us 314-983-0303 to request a FREE consultation about your fungal nail condition NOW!

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Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

A fungal nail infection affects the toenail or skin under the toenail and can cause the nail to become thicker and turn yellow or white. The infection probably won’t cause any serious health problems, as long as your immune system is fighting it. Our Clear Nail Program, which uses efficient and cost effective laser technology to treat fungal nails, provides proven results for the removal of fungus.

Beware of Common Scams

1. The one year satisfaction / money back guarantee.

  • Truth: nail fungus often takes less than 3 months to see results. Offering this is like selling electronic product insurance. The seller knows that the likelihood of refunding is small. So please get your money back if you are not cured / satisfied. Then see us.

2. Laser limits.

  • Truth: Laser should be offered as a cost effective ongoing treatment option because nail fungus can return at anytime. See our value based fungal laser treatment video and learn what real value we bring to the table with unlimited laser treatments as low as $50.00.

3. Non comprehensive offers.

  • Truth: education and your participation are necessary to effectively treat your nail fungus. Take responsibility and work with us to control your long term outcome and ultimate satisfaction.

We have many lasers, treatment options and techniques that work. See us in St. Louis: University City and Chesterfield.

Before And After Laser Treatment

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