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National Running Day 2015

It’s just nine months until National Running Day 2015!  Now is the time to begin regaining the strength and flexibility of your feet, so you can celebrate June 4, 2015 with a carefree run.  There is no point being susceptible to the aches and pains most runners have, if you allow your feet to move naturally and have direct contact with the world around you.  Start the process by walking around your house or apartment barefoot and then open the front door and venture outside.  If you stick to areas that are familiar to you, soon you’ll begin to experience…

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Minimal Shoes

At the Motion Center in Chesterfield Valley we carry a wide range of Vibram FiveFingers models. Save Save

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The Effect of Shoes on Feet

Our practice is dedicated to helping patients recover from foot dysfunctions and avoid pain, but is foot discomfort inevitable?  What if we could avoid conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuromas, and hammer toes?  According to writers like William A. Rossi and Adam Sternbergh, simply by wearing shoes that fit our feet and allow them to move naturally, will allow us to maintain strong and healthy feet. Switching from traditional shoes, with their elevated heels and narrow, stiff soles, to shoes that let the foot move naturally, will soon help you regain the natural functioning of your feet.  In fact, we…

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Very Important Information For Heel Pain Sufferers

We at FFLC recognize that sometime ESWT can be cost prohibitive. For this reason, we have acquired 6 Medispec Radialspec machines. These are class 1 devices that deliver radial shockwaves. We have been successfully treating many foot and ankle problems with these at all of our locations. While we can’t give prices for ESWT services on this website, we can say that very few patients have had any difficulty with the cost of this treatment. And so far, the treatments have shown very high success rates. The simple fact is that no other doctor in the country has invested more…

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Get the Facts: Toenail Fungus Seminar

Many people suffer from the nagging, unsightly condition known as toenail fungus. Feet for Life Podiatry Centers is embarking on a medical study utilizing the latest generation of lasers to treat this condition; the new Cool Touch Laser. Fungal infection of the nail, or onychomycosis, is often ignored because the infection can be present for years without causing any pain. The disease is characterized by a progressive change in a toenail’s quality and color, which is often ugly and embarrassing. Thanks to the latest laser technology, Feet For Life is proud to offer Toenail fungus Laser Treatment St. Louis! In…

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Second extracorporeal shockwave machine just purchased

We are pleased to announce that we now have the new Dolorclast ESWT radial wave machine. This is a class 3 devise that we are using at all locations. It was acquired as a portable unit that can be utilized on many orthopedic problems. The Feet For Life and Mid County Surgery Centers have recently acquired a second extracorporeal shockwave machine. The acquisition of the new Medispec machine makes Feet For Life the only podiatry practice in the entire country to have around-the-clock access to multiple shockwave machines. Dr. Horwitz decision to purchase the second machine confirms his dedication to…

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