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Best PRP: Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Doctor in Palm Beach County Florida

Looking for the best Hair Loss Clinic in West Palm Beach? Look no further! Our doctors in West Palm Beach are simply the best when it comes to hair restoration. Hair Vista is your top option for PRP Hair Therapy. PRP works both for men and women and should be you first choice before considering hair surgery. It’s safe, effective, doesn’t require downtime and can be done in a matter of 30 minutes in our office.

The Science Behind The Treatment

Our bodies contain products called growth factors that help rejuvenate and heal our bodies when recovering from an injury. With the help of new advancements, physicians have found a way to reintroduce these products to our hair follicles to make them work properly again. By introducing these products directly into the scalp tissue, they will help to heal the follicles and make them healthier and stronger, restoring your hair growth.

Hair Restoration Therapy treatments have been successfully used in medical fields other than cosmetic dermatology with great success.

Despite the success that PRP Hair Restoration Therapy has had in stimulating hair growth, it may not work in some rare instances. Therefore it’s important to review your hair loss case history with our before undergoing the therapy. We offer Free evaluation consultations in our office.

If you prefer not to have surgery or are not a candidate for surgery, then the Hair Restoration Therapy for hair regrowth in Florida with Hair Vista of Palm Beaches is an excellent option. To find out if Non-Surgical Hair Therapy will work for YOU call us today and request your consultation.