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Michael Horwitz, DPM, FACFAS

Feet For Life Medical Director

As the CEO and Medical Director of Feet for Life Companies and one of the top podiatric surgeons in the Midwest, patients have traveled from all over the U.S. and internationally to have their foot correction surgery done by Dr. Horwitz. With more than 35 years of experience and 20,000+ surgical procedures completed, Dr. Horwitz has spent the majority of his career practicing and perfecting bunion and forefoot corrections.

Nirali Shah, DPM

Board-Certified Podiatrist

Board Qualified American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. ABFAS Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Qualified. Specialties include Bunion Correction, Ankle Pain, Flatfoot Correction, and Tendonitis.

Dr. Shah specializes in both non-surgical and surgical treatments of the foot and ankle. She is a compassionate and informative doctor. Dr. Shah will explain your condition and treatment plan so that together you can make the best decisions for your foot care. Being a former chief resident, she recognizes the importance of good communication to achieve optimal treatment results.

Fix Your Feet for Good.

Services at Feet For Life Podiatry Centers, St. Louis

Feeling embarrassed or slowed down by your feet? Feet for Life’s advanced surgical and nonsurgical procedures are proven to relieve your pain and give you beautiful, functional feet. Dr. Horwitz spent the last 30 years perfecting the procedures so that you can be sure you are getting best of the best.

EasyOut Bunion Surgery in St. Louis – With SafetyFix Technology Flat Foot Correction in St. Louis – with Stent Procedures Shock Wave Therapy for Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) in St. Louis Cryosurgery Of Neuroma in St. Louis CleanSpa:Where Foot Health Meets Beauty

Beautiful feet that feel great without any metal left behind in your body!

Keyhole Bunionectomy

Now with our patented SafetyFix Technology, repairing your painful, embarrassing bunion is safer and less invasive than ever before. Developed by Dr. Horwitz, the SafetyFix EasyOut Screw is the first piece of removable hardware that can be taken out with a quick 5-minute procedure once your bones have healed. Your feet will look and feel better than you ever imagined they could!

  • Up to 80% smaller keyhole incision than conventional bunion procedures
  • No casts or crutches required
  • No permanent metal left behind
  • Return to a desk job in 3 days

Keyhole Bunionectomy

Fix your flat feet for good with a safe, simple 10-minute procedure!

Flat Foot Correction

Flat feet can throw the entire body out of alignment and eventually lead to other more painful problems. Reconstructive surgery using pins and screws used to be the only solution for flat feet. But now, our implantable flat foot stents have been proven to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of flat feet. In as little as 10-minutes, this safe, minimally-invasive procedure will better support the arch of your foot and keep the rest of your body in proper alignment.

*Feet for Life is ranked as one of the most experienced Flat Foot Stent Surgeons in the world

  • Safe for both kids & adults
  • Minimally invasive
  • No casts or crutches required
  • Most patients are walking immediately after the procedure

Learn More About Flat Foot Correction

Cure your chronic heel pain with a non-invasive 30-minute treatment!

Heel Pain Solutions

Over 95% of all heel pain is diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis or inflammation of the ligament that runs from the heel to the ball of your foot and helps support your arch. Using advanced ultrasound imaging and shock wave therapy, we’re able to pinpoint the source of heel pain and tenderize the ligament. Recent studies show that 80% of patients with chronic plantar fasciitis saw successful outcomes with just one ESWT treatment.

  • Non-surgical / Non-invasive
  • Short 30-minute treatment
  • Walk immediately after treatment

Learn About Heel Pain Treatments

Cryosurgery Of Neuroma in St. Louis

Cryosurgery of Neuroma

Patients treated with cryosurgery have minimal pain in the recovery phase. Casts or crutches are not required after the surgery and the patients can return to their pre-procedure life after just a couple days in the recovery phase. It can take up to four weeks for the full effect of the cryoablation procedure on Morton’s neuroma in St. Louis. The advantage of quick recovery and no cutting of nerve makes this a good treatment option for patients wishing to further limit chance of complication related to stump (regrowth) neuroma. Cryo surgery of neuroma in St. Louis by Dr. Michael Horwitz who is a Top Board Certified Surgeon (ABPS) demonstrates a simple approach to the treatment of neuroma pain.

Learn More About Cryosurgery

CleanSpa:Where Foot Health Meets Beauty.

Where Foot Health Meets Beauty.

Finally, a modern eco-friendly spa that combines a professional nail salon experience and expert medical knowledge.

CleanSpa is a podiatrist-owned medical nail spa that offers unparalleled services for the hands and feet. Our expansive services that will please the most functional to the most indulgent pedicure preferences.

From the medical grade sterilization techniques to the environmentally friendly products used, you can relax knowing your health is our first priority. For those living with diabetes or other medical conditions, CleanSpa offers a safe haven.

Visit CleanSpa Now

What Our Patients Say

A friend recommended Feet for Life and I am very pleased. I put this off for so long because friends had such a tough time. I spent six weeks in a boot and now in a regular shoe. Very happy with my experience!

– Patient

Dr. Horwitz is an excellent doctor! He is very attentive and thorough in his work. I had a bunionectomy and hammertoe surgery on both feet, results were more than perfect!! Having this surgery gave me confidence to show my feet, and made it more comfortable to wear shoes. I would highly recommend to come for a visit, and get treated.

– Patient

Dr. Horwitz gave good explanations. Very professional. Looking forward to regaining flexibility in my toes as they heal, and returning to my dance classes.

– Patient

He gave me inserts which have elevated my foot and back pain.

– Patient

Explained things very well. Met expectations as post surgery. I would recommend seeing Dr. Horwitz.

– Patient

Dr, Horwitz is very knowledgeable and personable. The staff are all pleasant and helpful . My experience was less traumatic than expected. I would recommend this practice to anyone with foot issues.

– Patient


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